Authors : Dr. C. Daniel Yesudian , Dr. D. G. Harris Samuel

Materials Science and Metallurgy
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction to material science – engineeringmaterials

    ·        Properties of materials

    ·        The selection process of engineering materials

    ·        Testing of engineering materials

    ·        Material selection based on mechanicalproperties

    ·        Ferrous alloys

    ·        Stainless steel

    ·        Non ferrous alloys

    ·        Bearing, spring and die-casting material

    ·        Ceramics

    ·        Glass and Silicates

    ·        Refractors

    ·        Abrasives and cutting tools

    ·        Polymeric materials

    ·        Elastomers or rubbers

    ·        Polymer composites

    ·        Adhesives

    ·        Atomic structure

    ·        Periodic classification

    ·        Chemical bonding

    ·        Electron theory of solids

    ·        Solid state-Crystal structure

    ·        Solid solution

    ·        Phase diagrams of alloy systems

    ·        Iron-carbon systems

    ·        Solidification

    ·        Metallography

    ·        Heat treatment process

    ·        Welding, brazing, soldering and casting

    ·        Powder metallurgy

    ·        Strengthening process in metals

    ·        Crystal imperfections

    ·        Deformation in metals and alloys

    ·        Oxidation and corrosion

    ·        Mechanical working processes

    ·        Dielectric materials

    ·        Semiconductors

    ·        Magnetic materials

    ·        Conducting materials

    ·        X-rays and applications

    ·        Photoelectric effect and materials

    ·        Iron and steel metallurgy

    ·        Superconducting materials

    ·        Nanomaterials and nanotechnology

    ·        Optical materials

    ·        Biomaterials

    ·        Micro electronic materials

    ·        Smart or intelligent or active materials


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Dr. C. Daniel Yesudian has received his undergraduatedegree from Scott Christian College, Nagercoil, University of Madras, Mastersdegree from St.John's College of Agra University with specialization in Organicchemistry and Doctoral degree in Physical organic chemistry from GuindyEngineering College, Anna University, Chennai. At present he is working asprofessor and Head, Department of Chemistry, Karunya Institute of Technology,Coimbatore, India. He has more than three decades of teaching experience andpublished and presented papers in National Journals and symposiums.

Dr. D. G. Harris Samuel has his Masters and Doctoraldegrees in Metallurgical Engineering from Indian Institute of technology(I.I.T) Madras. He was working as Head of R & D department, Quality Controland Production Department of M/S Ennore Foundaries Limited, Chennai. At presenthe is working as Professor and Head, Department of Production Engineering,Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India. He is handlingmetallurgical subjects to the undergraduate as well as postgraduate students.He has published are presented papers in National and Internationalconferences.