Authors : G. Gopalakrishnan, D. Prithvi Raj

A Treatise on Turbomachines
  • ISBN: 9788183715676
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introductionto basic definitions

    ·        Energytransfer

    ·        Dimensionalanalysis, shape, number & other design parameters

    ·        Centrifugalfans, compressors & pumps

    ·        Axialflow fans, compressors & pumps

    ·        Hydraulicturbines

    ·        Cavitationin pumps & hydraulic turbines

    ·        Axialflow turbine stages

    ·        Steamturbines

    ·        Gasturbine

    ·        Testingof turbomachines

    ·        Compressors& turbines with supersonic velocities

    ·        Hydrodynamicsenergy transfer & wind turbines


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G. Gopalakrishnan is an alumnus of the College ofEngineering Guindy. Bengal Engineering College, Calcutta, I.I.T. Madras and theAachen Technical University, Germany.

He has been teaching Turbo machines for over seventeenyears, and has published over sixty papers and articles at several Indian andInternational conference. He is currently working as Principle, SaveethaEngineering College, Sriperumbuder (Tk.) Kancheepuram (Dt), Pin-602 105.

D. Prithvi Raj  is an alumnus of the Government EngineeringCollege, Trivandrum. I.I.Sc., Bangalore and the University of Livepool. U.K.

He has been teaching Turbo machines since 1962 and haspublished over hundred papers in Indian and International journals andconferences. He had served IIT, madras for 33 years including 22 years asProfessor. Has been the project coordinator for several projects and has been aconsultant for several Industrial in India.