Authors : B. Senthil Arasu, J. Praveen Paul

Engineering Economics and Financial Accounting
  • ISBN: 9788183715775
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction to engineering economics

    ·        Economic theories and managerial economics

    ·        Market forces - demand

    ·        Demand forecasting

    ·        Market forces / supply

    ·        Theories of production and cost concepts

    ·        Pricing strategies

    ·        Profit planning and control – break evenanalysis

    ·        Nature of industry

    ·        Market structure – diversities and implications

    ·        National income

    ·        Inflation, deflation and unemployment

    ·        Money and banking

    ·        Financial management

    ·        Basic financial concept

    ·        Capital budgeting decision

    ·        Sources of finance

    ·        Accounting

    ·        Ratio analysis

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The authors B. Senthil Arasu,and J. Praveen Paul both have rich teaching experience in the relevantsubjects. Both of them have industrial experience too. Mr. B. Senthil Arasu isa Electronic Engineer (B.E. ECE) with an MBA in Finance and Mr. J. Praveen Paulis a mechanical Engineer (B.E. Mech) with an MBA in Marketing. The authors havepublished various articles in journals and have presented papers in nationaland international conferences and seminars.