Authors : Ali Hasan, Islam Nawaz

Advanced Welding Technology
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    Table of contents

    ·        Introductionto welding

    ·        Resistancewelding

    ·        Weldingpower sources

    ·        Weldingelectrodes

    ·        Metaltransfer

    ·        Advancedwelding technology

    ·        Solidstate welding processes or solid state bonding

    ·        Weldingof plastics

    ·        Weldabilityor joinability of materials

    ·        Surfacingand metal spraying

    ·        Thermalcutting of metals

    ·        Underwater welding

    ·        Roboticwelding

    ·        Metallurgyof welding

    ·        Weldingdefects

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Dr. Ali Hasan, Gr.I.E (India), M.E (HONS), Ph.D.,MIE, LMISTE, is currently working as a Assistant Professor in the department ofMechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamina MilliaIslamia [A Central University], New Delhi. He has published about 60 researchpapers in national/international journals and conferences. He has written 4books namely ‘Mechanical Engineering’, ‘A Text Book of Engineering Mechanics’,‘Manufacturing Science’ and ‘Experiments and Exercises in Engineering Mechanics’.Dr.Hasan is corporate member of The Institution of Engineers (India), andIndian Society for Technical Education.

Dr. Islam Nawazhas been working in the field of academics for 30 years with 13 years ofteaching experience. Currently, he is teaching in the Department of MechanicalEngineering, Jamia Millia Islamia (A Centra University). He has been teachingUG and PG courses including Engineering Mechanics, Thermodynamics, EngineeringGraphics, Machine Drawing, Conventional and Non-Conventional Energy Sources. Hehas published several research papers in National and International journalsand conferences in the field of Environmental Engineering speciallyNon-conventional Energy sources. He is a life member of ISTE.