Authors : G. Thirupati Reddy

Production Technology
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    Table of contents

    ·        Manufacturing process

    ·        Metal casting

    ·        Patterns and pattern making

    ·        Principles of casting

    ·        Solidification

    ·        Elements of riser

    ·        Special casting processes

    ·        Methods of melting

    ·        Welding

    ·        Welded joints

    ·        Welding processes

    ·        Cutting of metals

    ·        Modern welding processes

    ·        Welding defects and testing of welds

    ·        Economics of welding

    ·        Metal forming

    ·        Rolling

    ·        Sheet metal operations

    ·        Drawing

    ·        Presses

    ·        Extrusion

    ·        Forging processes

    ·        Processing of plastics

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G. Thirupati Reddy  is working as Head of the Department andAssociate Professor. Department of Mechanical Engineering, at SVITS,Mahaboobnagar, Andhra Pradesh. He has obtained B.Tech (Mechanical) fromNagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh and obtained B.Tech (Mechanical) fromNagrajuna University, Andhra Pradesh and obtained M.Tech. in ProductionEngineering form Visveswaraya Technological University, Belgaum, withUniversity 3rd rank. Presently, he is doing Ph.D. He has 2 years ofIndustrial experience and 7 years of teaching experience at the level ofAssistant Professor and Associate Professor in Engineering College. He hasauthored a book and has published 5 papers out of which 1 in InternationalConference. He is the member of ISTE. He has conducted two National leveltechnical conferences as a Convener.