Authors : Kamaraj, Raveendiran

Heat and Mass Transfer - 3rd Edn
  • ISBN: 978-93-85983-13-9
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    Table of contents

    ·        Basic concepts

    ·        Basic equations to conduction

    ·        One dimensional steady state heat conduction

    ·        Multi-dimensional steady state conduction

    ·        Transient heat conduction

    ·        Heat transfer by convection - basic concepts

    ·        Dimensional analysis

    ·        Free convection

    ·        Forced convection

    ·        Boiling and condensation

    ·        Thermal radiations - basic relations

    ·        Radiation heat exchange between surfaces

    ·        Heat exchanger

    ·        Mass transfer


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Dr. G. Kamaraj, Professor (Retd.), Department of MechanicalEngineering at Annamalai University, has obtained his undergraduate andpostgraduate degrees from Annamalai University and his Ph.D. in Heat transferfrom Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. He has a total experience of 41 years in teaching Heat and massTransfer to U.G and P.G students. He also acted as Governing council member ofCrescent Engineering College, Academic Council member of Anna University,Member, Board of studies and member doctoral committees of various EngineeringColleges. At present he is the governing council member of Solar Energy Societyof India. He has to his credit 17 research  publications at International level and 31 publications at Nationallevel.

Dr. P. Raveendiran, Assistant Professor, Department ofMechanical Engineering at  Annamalai  University, has obtained his undergraduateand postgraduate (Thermal Power ) degree from Annamalai University . He hasobtained his Ph.D In the field of Heat Transfer, particularly in Heat Exchangerusing Heat Pipes with Nanofluids from Annamalai University. He has a totalexperience of 14 years in teaching Heat and Mass Transfer, Refrigeration andAir-Conditioning Thermodynamics and other Thermal Engineering subjects for U.Gand P.G Students. He has to his credit many research publications and alsoattended Many conference.