Authors : Dongre

Strength of Materials - 3rd Edn.
  • ISBN: 978-93-85983-18-4
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    Table of contents

    ·        Systemof force

    ·        Reactionfor beam

    ·        Shearforce and bending moment

    ·        Centroid

    ·        Momentof inertia

    ·        Analysisof trusses

    ·        Friction

    ·        Stresses,strain and elastic constants

    ·        Theoryof simple bending

    ·        Shearstresses in beams

    ·        Slopeand deflection

    ·        Directand bending stresses

    ·        Loadand type of structures

    ·        Fixedbeams

    ·        Analysisof columns

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A. P. Dongre iscurrently working at Minerva College of Architecture, Pune and at Dr. D. Y.Patil College of Architecture Ambi Campus, Pune as a visiting faculty. He ishaving teaching experience of 20 years.

He isbeen awarded by Mayor of Pune city for his various talents. He is awarded by ascholarship by Central Government of India for his pioneering efforts ofrendering classical music on western instrument keyboard synthesizer