Authors : B .O. Solomon

Sustainable Utilization of Energy and Biodiversity (HB)
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    Table of contents
    Bioenergy : Sources & Management
    1. Opportunities for Tapping Biogas Potential in Developing Countries The case of Botswana
    2. Poverty Mitigation and Local Economics Development through use of Natural Resources: Examples from South Africa 
    3. Bio- Energy conservation Policy Options in Uganda : A Bio - Economic Perspective 

    Energy & Sustainable Development 

    4. Optimizing Green Energy : Recipe for Sustainable Development 
    5. Maurice Ile Durable Green Mauritius - Towards sustainable development 
    6. Sustainable Utilization of Energy for Wealth Creation and Development : The Nigerian Scenario 
    7.  Trends in the sustainable Utilization of renewable energy resources of Sri Lanka for facing the energy challenge
    8. Energy Efficiency as a source of Income and Improved Livelihoods: the Case of GTZ Improved Stove Projects in Kenya and Uganda 


    9. Sustainable Energy 
    10. Bio - fuels and energy security in vietnam 
    11. Uganda's Energy crisis and its quest for biofuel solutions 
    12. Brief Report on the Current Status of Biofuels industry in Zambia 


    13. Adoption of Energy Efficiency Measures by Households in Shared meters apartments 
    14. Need and challenges in developing renewable energy resources : A Networked Approach of CSIR 
    15. Status and potential of Renewable Energy in India 
    16. The Renewable energy policy for Uganda 


    17. Status and Initiatives of Biodiversity and Energy Sources utilization in nepal 
    18. Sustainable Utilization of Biodiversity Resources for Wealth Creation and Development 
    19. Acidification of Natural Resources : Concern for the Future of west Asia 
    20. exploring the therapeutic potentials of African medicinal plants 
    21. Biofuel and Biodiversity Prospects in Tanzania 

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