Authors : S. Balaji

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    Table of contents
    • Equivalent Conductance at infinite Dilution of a Strong Electrolyte
    • Conductometric Acid - Base Titration for the Estimation of a strong acid
    • Potentiometric Acid - Base Titration for the Estimation of a strong Acid 
    • Potentiometric Redox Titration for the Estimation of Ferrous Sulphate
    • Estimation of Percentage of Sodium Carbonate in Washing Soda 
    • Kinetics of Saponification of ethyl Acetate by Conductometry 
    • Conductometric Precipitation Titration for Estimation of BaCl2
    • Determination of Solubility Product of a Sparingly soluble Salt by Potentiometry
    • Estimation of Total Hardness of Water By Complexometric Titration 
    •  Simple Eutectic System of a Two Component System (Phase Rule) 
    • Estimation of Available Chlorine in Bleaching Powder
    • Determination of Molecular Weight (By Rast Method)
    • Verification of Beer - amber's Law (By Spectrophotometry) 
    • Determination of Single Electrode Potential of Copper Electrode 
    • Kinetics of Reaction between K2S2O8 and BI by Clock Reaction Method 
    • Determination of the Alkalinity in a given water sample 
    • Viva Questions 

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