Authors : Dr. Amirta lal De, Abhranil De

Engineering Chemistry
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    Table of contents

    ·        Abrasives

    ·        Refractories

    ·        Adhesives

    ·        Lubricants

    ·        Polymers

    ·        Surface chemistry

    ·        Phase rule

    ·        Alloys

    ·        Corrosion and its inhibition

    ·        Protective coatings

    ·        Water technology

    ·        Nuclear energy and energy storage devices

    ·        Fuels and combustion

    ·        Analytical techniques

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Dr. Amirta lal De is Ph.D. (Science) from JadavpurUniversity. His topic of interest was on Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry.He served as Asst. Professor in the Presidency College, Durgapur Govt. Collegeand Darjeeling Govt. College for a long period of time. Later he became theReader and Head of the Dept. of Chemistry in the Hoghly Mohsin College. He alsoworked as honorary lecturer in the Dept. of Pure Chemistry, University ofCalcutta. During his excellent academic career, he published more than 20research papers in international, national journals and conferences. He workedas a research guide to 2 Ph.D. scholars. His famous research works published inthe several renowned journals are such as:

Journal of Chemical Society, London; Journal of ChemicalEngineering and Data (Journal of American Chemical Society), U.S.A.; CanadianJournal of Chemistry; Indian Journal of Chemistry (CSIR), India.

Abhranil De is presently pursuing his Ph.D. work onthe topic Electro-analytical chemistry and Fuel cell in the Dept, of chemistry,Bengal Engineering Science University, Shibpur. He is currently working asSenior Lecturer in the Dept. of Chemistry, Hooghly Engineering and TechnologyCollege. He has the experience of teaching as a visiting lecturer in the Dept.of Chemistry of Hooghly Women's College and Balagarh Bijoy KrishnaMahavidyalaya. He also has industrial experience of working as Junior Chemist.Ondeo Nalco Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. for a shorter period of time.