Authors : Mercy Rani

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    Table of contents

    ·        Introduction

    ·        Data types

    ·        Control statements

    ·        Classes and methods

    ·        Inheritance

    ·        Packages

    ·        Interfaces

    ·        Multithreading

    ·        Exception handling

    ·        Event handling

    ·        AWT classes

    ·        Networking

    ·        Utility classes

    ·        Input/output streams

    ·        Applets

    ·        AWT controls

    ·        Images

    ·        Strings

    ·        Collections

    ·        Collection algorithms

    ·        Java.lang

    ·        Swings

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A.MercyRani has completed MCA from Manonmaniam SundaranarUniversity, Tirunelveli, M.Phil., from Mother Teresa Women's University,Kodaikanal.  At present she is working asa Lecturer and Head, Department of Information Technology at G.VenkataswamyNaidu College, Kovilpatti. She has about 10 years of UG experience and 8 yearsof PG experience in teaching. She has an experience of teaching OOPS & C++for more than a decade now. She has guided 3 M.Phil scholars of  Vinayaka Mission University. She haspublished a book “FAQ’s in C++” and “FAQ's in JAVA”. Her areas of interest areOOPS & C++ and Java.